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First Question is What is Emulin

Emulin is a natural, over-the-counter compound derived from fruits, such as grapefruits, grapes and berries. Emulin works with enzymes to metabolize carbohydrates and lower blood sugar levels.

Emulin was discovered by Daryl Thompson, a food and bio-chemist, and Dr. Joseph Ahrens, former director of research for the Florida Department of Citrus, by studying the use of grapefruit as a weight loss tool. Studies have shown Emulin to…

• slow the conversion of complex carbohydrates to simple sugars

• reduce sugar absorption to the bloodstream while stimulating absorption to muscle tissue

• slow down gluconeogensis by the liver

• increase breakdown of lipids in fat tissue

• increase insulin sensitivity by increasing glucose transporters in muscle tissue in the presence of insulin

• block an insulin inhibitor called TNF alpha, which therefore increases insulin release from pancreatic tissue Emulin® was discovered by Nobel Prize Nominee scientists after 10 yearsof rigorous testing and research.

The proprietary blend of natural plant flavonoids has been awarded a US patent and has also been tested in two clinical studies where it was shown to help lower blood sugar, which can help with weight management and inflammation in the body.

How Emulin Work:

Pathway #1: Starch to Sugar Conversion – Emulin+ goes to work when you eat. It buffers the enzymes that break starches down into glucose, which means less sugar is released from food.


#2: Glucose Absorption – When food is digested in the upper GI (gastrointestinal tract) Emulin+ buffers the absorption of glucose so less sugar reaches the bloodstream. Pathway

#3: Glucose Tissue Uptake – Once sugar is in the blood, Emulin+ helps move it into tissues, such as muscles, where it provides energy and muscle growth. Pathway

#4: Fat Formation – Emulin+ acts as a “traffic cop” directing sugar away from fat stores and into muscle tissue. It signals to increases metabolism to help burn even more fat. Pathway

#5: Glucose Homeostasis – Emulin+ helps maintain a healthy balance of blood sugar so it doesn’t spike too high or dip too low. Pathway

#6: Insulin Release – Emulin+ encourages fast, healthy release of insulin when the body needs it. Insulin transports glucose across cell membranes and removes it from blood. Pathway

#7: Insulin Sensitivity -The better your body responds to insulin, the more insulin sensitive you are. Emulin+ promotes increased insulin sensitivity so you need less insulin to lower blood sugar.

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